Welcome to Viral Cultures: HIV/AIDS in Global, Academic and Cultural Contexts

The idea behind this course is that faculty and students from all units at Emory University  come together as a single entity to learn about and address an issue of common concern. This practice not only creates intellectual community but enacts a sense of common purpose across the diverse communities at Emory.

In this course undergraduate, graduate, and professional students come together to investigate various aspects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic: epidemiology, cultural history, medicine, business/economics of disease, industry of HIV/AIDS, HIV and global health,  law and public policy, representations of HIV/AIDS in popular culture, literature, and the arts, and religion’s role in shaping the meanings of HIV.  Through these perspectives, the course demonstrates the ways in which multi-disciplinary scholarship can deepen our understanding of the complexities of HIV/AIDS in local, national, and global contexts.