Week Three: Rimland, Holstad, Marconi, and Culler

This week’s Viral Cultures class was a mental marathon. I was thankful I brought a protein bar with me to help me make it through.

The class started with David Rimland giving a fascinating history of early cases of HIV/AIDS at the VA Hospital. He was followed by Marcia Holstad from the School of Nursing who talked about her research on medication adherence among women (mostly African American women) here in Atlanta. Vince Marconi from the Ponce de Leon Center talked about the costs of HIV/AIDS and how resources are allocated. I was most surprised by his statistics on how the south is overrepresented in the new cases of HIV/AIDS. According to his research, Atlanta has the highest number of men who have sex with men (MSM) in the age rage of 20-24 that are newly infected with HIV. And finally, Steve Culler from the School of Public Health and the Business School, talked about HIV/AIDS and health insurance and why developing an AIDS vaccine is not fiscally prudent for private corporations. It was A LOT of information, but really interesting.

Here is what the students read and responded to in their blogs:


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