Week 5: Del Rio & Dunkle

Our guest lecturers for Week 5 were Carlos Del Rio and Kristin Dunkle. Del Rio is Rollins Professor, Chair of the Hubert Department of Global Health, and he also co-directs the Emory Center for AIDS Research (CFAR). Dunkle is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education (BSHE).

Dr. Del Rio talked about his own personal journey as a newly graduated medical student when the first cases of HIV started to surface. He also talked about how significantly the epidemic has changed here in Atlanta from being primarily a middle and upper middle class gay white male disease to the present when it is much more a disease that impacts poor African American men and women of various sexualities. He explained that the major drivers of this change were poverty, substance abuse, and mental illness.

Dr. Dunkle talked about the overlap between intimate partner violence (IPV) and HIV in the communities she studied in South Africa. Like Dr. Del Rio, she suggested that to really work toward eradicating HIV/AIDS, we must also work to eradicate sexism, domestic violence, poverty, and racism.

Readings for this week:

  • Higgins, Jenny A. et al. “Rethinking Gender, Heterosexual Men, And Women’s Vulnerability to HIV/AIDS.” American Journal of Public Health. Vol. 100, No. 3. March 2010. 435-445.
  • Silverman, Jay G. “Key to Prevent HIV in Women: Reduce Gender-Based Violence.” www.thelancet.com Vol. 376. July 3, 2010. 6-7.
  • Jewkes, Rachel K. et al. “Intimate Partner Violence, Relationship Power Inequity, and Incidence of HIV infection in Young Women in South Africa: A Cohort Story.” www.thelancet.com June 16, 2010. 1-8. *focus on intro & discussion*

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