Week 9: Colin Talley, Frank Wong & Rob Stephenson

Week 9 was an action packed week filled with discussions of health promotion and sexual behavior change among gay men in San Francisco, Chinese attitudes about Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) and HIV, and finally the piloting of “testing together” programs among gay men across the United States and among heterosexual couples throughout Africa.

Colin Talley talked about the impact that “grassroots” AIDS organizations had in San Francisco in the early 80’s. His research of archives of various organizations has shown there was a significant decrease in cases of newly infected gay men in 1983 due in large part to the local work being done in San Francisco.

Frank Wong talked about his research in China on “money boys” or men (of various sexual orientations) who take money to have sex with other men. Many “money boys” are migrants and therefore have less access to HIV testing, are more likely to abuse substances and are more likely to be survivors of sexual violence.

Rob Stephenson talked about the Testing Together program where gay men come in together to get tested and counseled on their results. Based on a program piloted among straight couples in Africa, this approach helps to build skills around communication and develop sexual agreements.


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