Scenarios Program by Amy Stein

Both articles have made it extremely clear that condom use is imperative for the prevention of HIV.  Since young people are the majority of the population who has newly contracted HIV, they are the generation that needs to be targeted when it comes to condom use. The Scenarios program is brilliant and evidently effective because this program specifically targets young people. Since teenagers and those in their 20’s are so immersed in media, Scenarios is the perfect way to target the intended audience. I find the wide range of participants involved in the Scenarios program particularly compelling. The idea generated by a single participant flows through so many different people that even if an entry is not chosen, it is still read, analyzed and interpreted by others involved in the process, which can still leave an everlasting effect. It is the collaboration between the creators, the organizers, the PLWA etc. that make this program unique. Also, I enjoy the fact that young adults create the films because it creates a stronger connection. For instance, if an adult created a film aimed at teens regarding AIDS prevention, they can attempt to incorporate mainstream ideas associated with youth culture, but it’s completely different than an attempt made by an actual youth. When a teenager or young adult creates an idea for a film about AIDS, there will be a certain aura about it, and they know how to attract and reach the audience because THEY are the audience. Sex could be an awkward topic to discuss sometimes, when it is presented in a humorous way, while also relaying extremely important knowledge, of course teenagers will listen. A fun project for this class (if it continues next year) would to create a video or film, similar to “The Shop,” that incorporates vital information about AIDS in a modern, yet informative way. I feel that if high school students watched a video on AIDS prevention, but it was funny, and incorporated pop culture aspects such as Face Book or Bono, they would listen and definitely learn.


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