The University Course at Emory University began in Spring 2011. It grew out of a brainstorm of two Distinguished Teaching Scholars at The Center for Faculty Development and Excellence (CFDE). Professor Morgan Cloud (Law School) and Professor Jeff Rosensweig (Business School) came together with the help of Professor Laurie Patton (who was at that time Director of the CFDE and a Professor in the Religion Department) and Professor Donna Troka (who was at the time Assistant Director of the CFDE and Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Institute of the Liberal Arts).

Rosensweig wanted to find a way that faculty could come together to approach a topic in a truly interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary way (he called it a “pedagogical commons”) and Cloud thought a focus on substance abuse and drug addiction found in Nick Reding’s book Methland: The Death and Life of an American Small Town would be the perfect place to start. For more information on the first offering of the University Course at Emory University, please go to: http://www.cfde.emory.edu/univcourse/univcourse11/index.html


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